How to change your blog template?

This is easy to use and simple step to change your template
just follow this instruction:

But you have to know that when you change your templa
te, most templates that you will choose from my blog Zenplate or other website provides you templates do not have navbar ( you will can not logging to blogger directly).

First, choose 1 template from my site(Zenplate) that you like then click "Submit", yes you will see the whole code.Leave it a moment...

Then, go to blogger.com---->loggin---->Layout---->Edit HTML

Look at your old and boring template code the last time,copy
the new code that you have chosen before and paste it instead of whole old code in "Edit Template" frame.See the picture:

Then click Save template and join with your new template
Very easy right ?
Good luck


Fuad Albadani said...

Sounds pretty good, Vuluganck!
I just have one question for you. Does the code have any links that promote third party products?

vuluganck said...

I dont understand what you mean? can you explain clearly ?

Fuad Albadani said...

Let me put it in a different context. What do you get for giving these templates for free?

Does the code include any advertising for your site?

vuluganck said...

Oh i understand what you mean.
Of course no code advertisement, you can check
This is my hobby, i do it for free and because i like.

Anyway , the templates are already free in most blog and websites.I just collect them and share with everybody.

Unknown said...

Everytime I change the template code and click save it will occur the same error~

and , how to remove the top bar ??

Unknown said...

My comment disappeared ...

how to remove the top bar ??

everytime I change the template code , it will occur the same error~

vuluganck said...

which error?

you mean you want to remove the navbar?

vuluganck said...

dont worry i will post a new tip about fixxing "comment box disappear" soon.
Can you tell me your comment box disappear or the comments from your viewers disappear?
And I will post new tip about delete top navbar tomorrow, now I gotta go.
Keep joinin on my site

Anonymous said...

help me! i have been dying to get a new template but everytime i try it always says remove navbar but i don't think i could do it? i'm really new to this whole blogging thing and i really want to make it more enjoyable

vuluganck said...

ahhh , all the templates here are fixed by me, all the navbar have been removed before so dont worry.
what do you mean "dying to get a new template"?
i dont understand

Anonymous said...

why i cant save it??
its error

vuluganck said...

which template?

Azad said...

Hi Vuluganck,
It is easy to change template in Blogger. But I want to used one of your template in my wordpress blog.But look like it is much difficult then I am anticipate. Any Idea how I change my template in wordpress ?

Little White Cloud said...

How do i add a new post the my blog now. I got the new template and it looks great but i want to add more to it and don't know how.

The Machinist said...

Hi there.
Your templates are mostly cool
and this blog's really helping.
If possible, I wanna use my own picture
as the background.
How am i gonna do that?

fYda_mE said...


Edit the contents of your template. Learn more
We were unable to preview your template
Please correct the error below, and submit your template again.
Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: Content is not allowed in trailing section.


vuluganck said...

Dear fYda_mE
I have tested again this template and I found no error when add it, I am sure you have many times change your template by changing the widget, create the form of your old template and when you change this new template , it will be unknown to read the code.

So please do this! At "Edit HTML", scroll down and click "Revert widget templates to default" then try this template again.Good luck

Coach Ayers said...

with no navbar how do I add posts?

vuluganck said...

The real bloggers, they don't need that navbar

Nivedita said...

If I use your design I end up loosing my present followers...how do I avoid that? Hence I haven't done that yet :(( Need help in understanding how do I protect my present data and yet have the design changed to one of your templates I like :))

Thanx much

vuluganck said...

Dear Nivedita
Please notice 1 important thing:
I think you have to know this before you start to change your template, all the widgets will be lost when adding new template.So you have to copy whole the code you are using in a notepad or word to add them again when you finish.
To show the followers widget,that's very simple,just go to your template and click Add A Gadget, choose Followers to add it again, it doesn't matter to you.
If you still have question please comment me.Thanks and have a gooday

Selvi said...


If i use you templates, how do i login to my blog or edit it?

vuluganck said...

@R. Thamilselvi
You can put a link on your blog to the login place,I think the navbar on top is very ugly and looks like a boring blog.
You don't need to have a navbar on your blog that can login?!You can go to blogger.com and log in, that's good,too.

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