How to submit URL to 4 "monster" search engines

Hello guys , I have lead you how to submit your URL to over 300 search engines including 4"monsters" search engines : Google , Yahoo,MSN and Alexa.

But certainly , that website can not submit your blog to
Google , Yahoo,MSN and Alexa.
Why ? Try to think , they are smart and modern enough to against the auto submit from all the websites on over the world.That's why they are famous and still existing up to now.

So now I will tell you how to submit to them !However , before you submit , let me tell you know that you have to submit your URL just ONE TIME only.If you submit over 3 times or more, they will realize that you are spamming and the worst case is : your blog will be blocked forever.

Ok do you understand ?
I have a blog about entertainment www.zenfunny.blogspot.com but it seems to be blocked by Google search engine because I have submitted too much.

1.The 1st search engine is Google, this is a boss of monsters(becareful with it ),click here to submit.
2.The huge famous monster in the world : Yahoo,click here to submit.
3.The power monster in the world :MSN,click here to submit.

4.The terminated monster : Alexa,click here to submit.
After submitting , wait for few days then your blog will be automatically added.Don't worry.
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Thanks so much


Anonymous said...

Vuluganck, please wait...
I have a client yesterday. So I spent the time to configure a template for him. Also, I have to make passport and visa; because I will relocate myself to Malaysia, my second home.

Vuluganck, please wait for a while... I hope you understand...

cahaya biru

Anonymous said...

I tried very hard but i am unable to have traffic to my site.

vuluganck said...

The time decide all.Dont worry , you will get traffic

S0C7 said...

Submitted my site to all four just now. Don't know when I'll get traffic. This is very helpful. Thanks for posting it.

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