Convert your blog to access by mobile phone

Most mobile phones now have GPRS , certainly you will want to access your blog by mobile phone.Or your website has very cool and informative articles but you or your visitors do not have enough condition to access your blog by computer, and maybe you are in countryside with a ,mobile phone , what will you do ?
So today I will help you to convert your blog to access on mobile phone by a website , but remember , it can not update your posts daily.

1st go to this page http://www.blog4mobile.com/blog4mobile/Registration.page

Then fill in 2 blanks :

+ Blog URL

+ Feed URL :its form http://yourblog.blogspot.com/rss.xml

(it must be that feed form , if you paste your Feed burner or other service , it will be reject)
After converting , you have to fill your email to receive a control blog verify mail.Then click Save.

The other page appears, you can see the settings here, here is the explaination:
Mobile URL:is your blog URL to access on mobile phone, it seems a bad and ugly URL but dont worry you can go to dot.tk to sign up a new beautiful blog URL and pick it to this bad URL.

Stick both blanks below and click Save.

Main features:
Myhome: to manage your new blog, you can sign up much more to access on mobile phone.
Preferences :

+ Personal Data : manage personal informations.
+ Chang password: change password ( you should change your password cos the website provided you a very hard password to remember).
+ Subscrible Newsletter: receive new informations about website, yes or no- up to you.

Ok what are waiting for ? Switch on your mobile and go to your blog now!
If you have any problems please leave a comment and dont forget to subcribe
Thanks guys


Anonymous said...

Thanks you / very good advises and ideas for our blogs !
I would be interest to have the script of the bar below (Over 2000 people submited to recieve my daily post by RSS, ....) and its positionning in HTML page
If possible ??

vuluganck said...

Where do you want it to appear ? you can option the CSS code if you know some thing about it!

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