Create Favicon for blogger onlines

What is favicon ? Look this, that is favicon:

Blogger.com is the best community world and very famous now.There are millions people are using this service and the number of users is still increasing daily.With many pages are created, when you visit a blogspot page , you can not distinguish which blog you are looking for even you have bookmarked it.
Why ? Because when every blogspot page is created, it will automatically have a default Favicon, it is an orange symbol with white letter "B" standing next to address bar, it looks like this :

For example if you are fans of 10 blogspot sites and you bookmarked them on your task bar , when you want to visit 1 of them , it's hard to realize which blog you are looking for.

So now I have some websites can help you to solve that problem.

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1. Genfavicon.com:
Genfavicon is a website to create Favicon.You only have to upload your own picture on this site , it supports jpeg, gif, png.Then crop your picture and choose size for your Favicon(16x16).Finally click on "Button Capture" and "Preview" to download Favicon to your computer.

2. Favicon.cc:

Favicon.cc is the famous website in creating Favicon online.Its interface is very nice and has many options to "generate Favicon online".You can design your own favicon by drawing.After you finish you can download or publish favicon to share it to community.


This website has the features to create favicon like 2 websites above.However, this website not only has tools to create favicon but also has many online features such as :Card Business, Avatar,convert image into file text,ring tone, color...

Related features websites:

4. 256pixels.com:

5. Favicon-generator.de:

6. Faviconize.com:

7. Favicon Collector:
8. Favicon-gallery:

I use Favicon.cc for my blog-Zenplate , sign up ---->design favicon by drawing--->click publish--->you have code---->add code between HTML snippet between the <head> ... </head> tags. Look at the picture below

Oh right, it is all done, this favicon can help you and your readers to realize your blog easily by your own style.
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Thanks much guys and good luck.


Desh said...


I'm Desh here.
It's really cute and I love those stuff about favicon. By the way as I was wandering through the blogosphere, I just randomly hit on your site.

Since your blog has important information, I would be glad if you could put a link to my blog on you page. My blog is http://iya2009sl.blogspot.com

Thank You
Keep posting :


Ashley Lynn said...

I can't find the HTML snippet you're referring to...

vuluganck said...

I use Favicon.cc for my site so if you use another service so I maybe dont know.Anyway it must have that code to add to your site

Anonymous said...

plz help iam not able to get it

vuluganck said...

Try to follow the instructions clearly my friend.

Mahasweta Das said...

no dear it's not giving code!!!


vuluganck said...

The code is given at the bottom, in the middle tab name "How to add the favicon to your page ?"
The code is here , copy the code and paste it before the </head> tag, and don't forget to paste the favicon URl which you have just created.

Selvi said...

Hi zen,

I have inserted the html snippet between head.... /head but my icon doesnt change. How do i do that? I use Favicon.cc

Selvi said...

Hi Zen,

I manage to solve the problem. Now my icon is visible.

PrAbHaKaRaN said...

nice tips sir,thankx

..:: [ GeeZ ] ::.. said...

Hi Zenplate,
How to add animated favicon to my blogger using Favicon.cc ?

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