Create Recent Articles Widget by using web

Do you see the "Recent Widget" above ?
Recent Articles helps readers can find the older posts quickly.If you use Blog Archive,you can
option its appearence by Add Element,find and option it , look this:

However, if you dont want to use it but you still want your post list to appear.So how can do it ? You can go to Template--->Add a page Element, choose "Link List"(watch below), then go to "Edit Post", click on each post's View to get the link

But , this is very inconvenience way,every time you post new article you have to change again.
There is a very good way that you use a software to convert Feed to JavaScript.
Click on this link
http://itde.vccs.edu/rss2js/build.php and follow my instructions below.

1st you must have Feed , you can create your feed by using FeedBurner
If you have already had a Feed , it looks like this :

-Then paste into URL Enter the web address of the RSS Feed.

-Show Channel: Choose No.

-Number of items to display: This is the number of the latest post, for example I choose 5.

-Show item descriptions? How much?: Choose 0, if you want a short description choose 1.

-Show item posting date?: Choose Yes if you want to appear Date.

-Open links in a new window?: Choose Yes if you want to load in a new window when click.

Click Generate JavaScript to finish. Then you copy the code and paste into HTML/JavaScript (Template ---> Add a Page Element ---> HTML/JavaScript), Click Save to join.

Or by this way in "Number of items to display":if you choose 0 , all the articles will be listed on your blog.If you do that , the newest posts will be brought on top.
Ok All done! This is easy for you that you dont have to touch the code in your source ( I have a tip by touching source code, and it can create Recent Post ,too)

If you have any problems , please leave a message and dont forget to subcribe me to get much more cool tips.


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