Create "Top Page" button in blogger

This is a nice tip for you if your blog is now too long , this can cause a big problem for your visitors want to back to header.This widget is very simple , so you just have to add the code below and paste it to "HTML/Java Script" in Add A Gadget tab.

Wait ! Look this pic 1st , it looks like this:

Now here is the code:

<a style="display:scroll;position:fixed;bottom:20px;right:5px;" href="#" title="Up!!!"><img src="http://thantoc.xm.com/hinh-anh/arrow-up.gif"/></a>

Ok how can you change and make it your own style ? I hope you can see the color code above,include red , yellow and green.

Red code:If you know something about CSS you can change the style of the "button",If you dont know it leave it alone.

Yellow code:The title of the button , I think it is not necessary to change,but you can change it by your words such as "Go top page", "Top" ,...

Green code: This is the most important part , that is the button image URL , find some nice buttons and paste the URL instead of my URL.

Ok Save and join.
IF you have any problems please leave a message.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks, it worked like a charm. The image that it brings within the code is good and fits with my blogs style. cheers :)

Selvi said...


The code is just 2 lines? I copy and paste to my blog but nothing appears!

vuluganck said...

Yes just 2 lines, notice the green code, get any arrow button and paste here.The button I have given to you is now lost therefore it did not work on your blog.
Thanks for comment me

Aravind D Reddy said...

Hi Zen,
Can you provide the code for the 'Top page button' which is on the site. I have similar buttons on my blog but the button doesn't disappear when it is at the top.

vuluganck said...

@Aravind D Reddy
I have published 1 tip about making this, you can View here, the button which I am using is Jquery "Scroll to top" and the button you are having just a normal button.

Aravind D Reddy said...

Thanks Zen. I could implement the Jquery 'Scroll to Top' button on my blog.

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