How to show code in your post ?

If you want to lead your visitors to do somethings about web development but you can not put the codes in the post so this is maybe a big problem.You don't believe ? Go to "Create new post" and type the word <script> and then click "Publish" , it will be error.
But don't worry , I am here and will lead you how to do that right now and will introduce you the way to make it quickly and easily.

In articles , you can not publish the main tags has "<" , ">" or some other kinds of similar symbols as <srcipt> , </srcipt> , <div> , &lt/div> ...... They all have the "<" and ">" you see ?

Yeah that 's the key , now you just have to do this and you will see the code in your posts:
Change the symbol "<" to <
and the symbol ">" to >

Remember to change exactly the red code and don't worry about that change, just click Publish and you will see the normal sight.
look this pic:

This is the code after changed, it looks not different from the 1st code.Nothing different.
And the last , if you use the long code so you don't have enough time to change each symbol , you should use this-Simple code , copy your code and click "Process", this is more simple and easy for you.This is the screenshot of its online widget:

Ok this is the instruction how to show code in posts, so if you want to put the codes in a beautiful , colorful frames like my site Zenplate , click here ( still in store , i will publish this tip tomorrow).

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Thanks guys


Marvin said...

Hi Zen, thanks for visiting my blog! I will bookmark yours - I always need help with web stuff.

Gnanz said...

This is what i looking for ..
thanks dude...

Anonymous said...

This is yet another amazing tip that works perfect with what i am trying to achieve.

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