Make money online with Google Adsense ( Full instruction)

What is Google Adsense (GA)? Google Adsense means Google's Advertisement. That's all!
Google Adsense is the most famous in the world about make money online service. The publishers use GA will allowed to put Google ads on their blog/website , when somebody clicks on the ads , you will get the money from them base on the cost of each ads.

There are many ways to sign up this program, however if you attend to join GA , you have to read clearly its term , because it is very smart and modern enough to know that you are cheating it. Many people used to try to cheat GA and the result is : banned !

The questions below are the common problems for newbies, you should read them if you want to join Google Adsense, you can read more at Google website

1-What is Channel
Channel is a short code that you can put it on your blog to track the informations of ad unit , links units and Adsense search boxes.From here , you will know which color you should use for ads, where to place and should use which kind of ad to bring the high results.

2-Because I did not know , so I have clicked on my ads, what should I do?
The best way that you should do is : mail to Adsense support by adsense-support@google.com and explain to them.

3-Can we put the images next to the adsense ads?
Maybe, the experts said that will increase the CTR rate.However you should email to Google and let them check your site.

4-Can I put Amazon Ads on the same page has GA?
Surely you can

5-Can I put many ads of the other services on the same page has GA?
Maybe , but do not put too much.Google will take care your site regularly .

6-How many channels can I create ?
Maximum 200

7-When will I receive money ?
Google will send you a payment check at the end of each month if you have reached 100$ in your account.If that month you earn not enough 100$, your account will be hold to the next month.

8-What is PIN ?
When your account has 10$ , Google will send you a PIN to your home , and your mission is you have to submit this PIN code to your account , do not try to submit PIN over 3 times if you do not have PIN code from Google letter, your account will be blocked. No submit PIN=no money.

9-I still not receive Google check payment,can I resubmit ?
Yes , you can resubmit a new payment in ""payment history" or email to them to tell the problem.

10-High CTR rate means my account will be blocked?
This is wrong , CTR rate shows you that you were successful when optimize your website.The problem that you worry is the clicks increased suddenly , for example , you have 100 clicks a day , but this beautiful day , you have 500 clicks.A big problem appears here and you should mail to Google.

11-CTR rate over 100%, what happened?
Visitor clicked on your ads over 1 time . For example , your visitor load your website 2 times, and he/she clicked on the ads each time the page loaded.

And many necessary questions more at Google website

Ok I have told you a little informations about Google Adsense, so now we will start the 1st step to earn money with GA.

Huhhhhh ! Let me breath!

Ok click here to go to the gate of Google Adsense.
You will see the

So much blank to fill? Don't worry , lets do step by step :

*Website Information:

Website URL: Have you got a blog/website ? If yes , you have to fill your blog address here , if you don't have , you should use some blog services ( blogger, wordpress...) or if you have money, buy a domain before submitting GA.
And remember , your site must have a clearly contain , your created 1 blog and post many kinds of content , your blog/website will not be accepted.Your blog/website must have at least 5 articles, if you don't know what to write about , you can copy the articles from another information resources then publish. 1 more , you have to write "article source from..." if you want to be accepted.

Website language: You make your blog by which language , choose that language.But I advise you to choose English , because most advertisers are English so of course their ads are English ,too.

Contact Information:

Account type:Choose Individual if you are publisher, if you are advertiser , choose business.
Country or territory: Where are you living now ? You are living in Arabian, choose Arabian.

Payee name: Your full name , some countries can not change this name , so you have to fill your name carefully and exactly !

Street Address:Your exactly home address if you don't want your payment would be sent to graveyard!
City/Town:I don't know much city /town name, just you know.
Postal Code: You country postal code, if you don't know , click here to view your country code.Use Google Translate to translate that site if you don't understand.

Then choose "I agree that I can receive checks made out to the payee name I have listed above."

Phone:This is for fun , not necessary , your telephone number ,full number include country code number.

Then choose "How did you find out about Google AdSense? : Up to you , but you can choose "By me" in your mind.


Choose All ! And click Submit Information.

Ok , if you are successful , your application will be accepted by Google within 2 days or maybe longer base on your site content.
Warning : This article is from Zenplate.blogspot.com . do not copy this to yours.
Several days passed...

This morning , you opened your mail box and see an amail from Google, the congratulation words look like this :

Your Google AdSense application has been approved. You can now activate
your account and get started with AdSense in minutes.

To quickly set up your account, follow the steps below. Or, for a detailed
walkthrough of everything you need to know as a new AdSense publisher,
visit Newbie Central: http://www.google.com/ads/newbiecentral.

I can guess what you will do next , log in your account! Dont be hurry , when you log in , there are some notices here:

1. Report: is you day , week ,month earnings.
2. Ad Settings: a part for you to choose ads with the banner size , color and ads code HTML to add to your blog.
3. Account Information: You personal informations about address, tax , account...
4. Ads Performance:The results of your ads working on your blog.
5. Payment History:No need to say about this anymore.

I want to tell you the last time about working with this service-GA: Never click, use tool ,hack ,cheat on your Google ads.Never ! Even page impression.

Here is the instruction how to add Google ads on your blog
There are 2 ways to add ads code :

+Add code directly by blogger( already has GA account) : Go to blogger.com---->Layout , at tab Page Element , look at your "Blog Posts" part and click Edit , a new window open and you will see the last option ( Show Ads Between Posts).

Option your ads here such as size, color , type of ads. You are allowed to put maximum 3 ads between posts and click Save.

When click Save, you have to submit your AdSense Email,Postcode or Last 5 Digits of Phone Number again, at last your ads will appear in minutes.

+Add code by creating ads in your Google account :Log in your account --->Adsense Setup , you can see several types of ads( Adsense for content , Adsense for search ,Adsense for feed, Adsense for domain or more , I just have 4 kinds because I am from Viet Nam , if I am not wrong , there are more types of ads as Adsense for Game, Adsense for Video...).

When you finish , you will have the code , it looks like this :

<script type="text/javascript"><!--
google_ad_client = "pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";
google_ad_host = "pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";
/* BIZMAX 468 */
google_ad_slot = "xxxxxxxxxxxxx";
google_ad_width = 468;
google_ad_height = 60;
<script type="text/javascript"

Ok , now you have to add this code to blogger by this way , create a HTML/Javascript in Add A Gadget tab then paste that code in here.Several minutes , you will see the ads.

You can put maximum 2 search box, 3 text/image ads , 2 text link, if more , the ads will not appear anyway.

Warning : Combine the ads with your blog background color in harmony.Don't make the ads color too separate with your blog background color, make the ads look like a part of the blog, so visitors will click on it very much.
Do not put the ads on pop-up , thank-you page , no-content site....

This ebook is whole about Adsense code,when you buy this , you will know everything about adsense to avoid being blocked by Adsense term,if you want to work with Asense,I advise you to buy this,cheap prize for you but necessary :

I hope this instruction easy to understand for you , if you have any question please leave me a comment , in the future I will show you many instructions to make money online by many
reliability services.
Please subscribe me now!


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