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visitors' IP address widget-This is a widget allows your visitors can view their IP address but you can not see their IP.So why do you have to use this ? If you know their IP you can track them, contact them easily and you can know wich country they are living.
Some websites/blogs need to have visitors' IP address so this widget will be very great!This is a test pic about my IP address widget on my blog-Zenplate below.It is very simple to add it on your blog:

Log in your account in blogger.com --->Layout--->Add a Gadget--->HTML/JavaScript then add this code to any where on your blog that you like :

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="http://ip.boo.pl/pp/ip_tekst.php"></script>

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Justry said...

It looks wonderful
Welcome to my blog

twist knob said...


Nirav said...

oh this is great man...

mezzoe blog said...

thanks very much zemplate

i like,nice web.
great :)

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