Yahoo Messenger Pingbox : chat directly on blog tool

Yahoo has just shown their product-Yahoo Messenger (Y!M) version 9 with some new features.One of them is a tool supporting to chat directly on web/blog or social networks.It named Yahoo! Messenger Pingbox. With this tool , the visitors can chat with the web/blog owner are being online on Y!M 9.0, Y!M 8.0 or Y!M through a box on their page that you dont have to login toYahoo! Messenger or know their ID account.

The steps below will help you how to add it to your blog.
Log in your Yahoo account at this address : http://messenger.yahoo.com, choose Pingbox---->Create Pingbox.

At this page , you can option the interface,background theme,background color,text size & color,online greeting,offline message,display name.When you finish, give it a lovely name under "Save Pingbox as" button and click "Next" to continue.

Yahoo! supports you some social blogs services as Blogger, Hi5, Live Space , My Space , Xanga...choose Blogger and click "Copy to clipboard" to get the code.At this step you can choose your box size before adding it to your blog.

Ok finally , go to blogger --->log in---Layout--->Add a Gadget--->HTML/JavaScript and paste the code here then click Save.
Ok Done!, go to your blog and look at its beauty.I hope you like it.Dont for get to subcribe me and link back to me.
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where is the demo site,

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