Black Nero


Nag said...

i like this one how can i add it to my blog?

vuluganck said...

I have the instruction how to change template , please click on the top navbar > Basic blogger , you will find the answer

Anonymous said...

can we change the link of 'home'?
why we do not have blogger bar at the top?

vuluganck said...

Yes of course you can, just open your source template and change it by your own.And the top bar is not necessary, it looks very ugly for a blog/web.Other way, it is useless!

Desh said...


Thanks for your nice words about my blog,

Just try to comment on your blog post,
you will find it difficult to put the verification code as the twiter icon is too large, please do something, ppl r unable to comment unless they use TAB button for navigation

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