Create "reflection effect" for images

What is "reflection effect"? Look at these 2 pics you will understand.

Pic 1:

Pic 2:
See?This is the third beautiful effect for images, you can do it for your images by using this tool at this website : 1.reflectz.net


The using is just like shadow effect , it supports you some options and all you have to do is choose image and click Generate Image Reflection.Then right click > Save image as , you will get the new image shape.
Join with it!
If you would like to make some more effects for your images you can
click here to make motion blur effect.
click here to make zoom effect.
click here to make shadow effect.
click here to make "round corner cut" for image.
Hope you like these


Unknown said...

very nice effect,and easy on reflectz.net

Mufti G M said...

better using Microsoft office word lots of template to made the effect

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