Adtoll-Perfect program to make money(Full instruction)

Hi everybody, if you are a monetiser , each time you hear about Google Adsense or Bidvertiser.. You will realize, besides there are some good services for you to make money online too.Adtoll is one of them.

ADTOLL™ was founded by twin brothers Dan and Paul Rucci. It's goal is to provide high quality, personalized, interactive online services.The people involved in the development and operations teams of ADTOLL™ have a diverse range of qualifications and skills including Business Management, Engineering, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Information Technology and Law. The ADTOLL™ team is dedicated to providing the best service available and to assist customers to achieve their goals.So you don't have to be scare because it will never SCAM you.

With the same services as Adsense and Bidvertiser, but it has some new kinds of ads includes:

-Full Banner
-Square Button
-Micro Button(new)
-Strip Ad (new)
-Large rectangle(new)
-Pic Text(very cool)
-Peel away Ad (very cool)

There are 2 great new ads called Peel Away Ad, when you add it on your blog , it will appear a paper corner and when the cursor is on it , it will peel away, very nice.It looks like this:
and PicText :

Next,let me tell something about Adtoll before you decide to join.

If you become Adtoll member without the hard conditions to register, you will get the great chances to sell your ads,it means when you put the code on your site, the advertiser will buy ads and set on your site for a week or more up to the advertisers, you will get money from it.Easy? But the problem is when will the advertiser buy your ads?It base on your alexa rank, the higher rank, the higher chance to be bought from advertisers.

So if you are having a site with low alexa rank, what will I do ? I will never can join Adtoll ?No,that's a silly idea ,Adtoll allow you many kinds of ads include CPC (cost per click) too.It means when somebody clicks on your ads you will get a small amount of money ( so familiar with you if you have used Adsense before).Besides you can find out more by its term here.

I will show you several common questions about Adtoll :

1.Which sites can be approved by Adtoll program ?
  • Site must contain useful content or perform a function. Sites over populated with advertisements or spam are not accepted.
  • Sites offering or promoting "get paid to read" or "get paid to click" programs, pyramid schemes or similar programs are not accepted.
  • Sites reproducing or containing download links to copyright protected material are not accepted. e.g. Rapidshare links.
  • Sites promoting illegal activities are not accepted. e.g. hacking.
  • Sites that are incomplete or under construction are not accepted.
  • Sites that do not meet our in-house quality criteria are not accepted.
Of course that,the basic conditions to join any Make money online programs.

2.Can I have multiple ad types on my site?
Yes you can setup setup multiple Ad Groups for your site in a variety of media formats (PicText™ Ads, banner ads etc...).

3.What will I earn?
Adtoll will pay you a 75% commission on all ads sold on your site. For example if you sell an ad for $100, you will earn $75. The other $25 is kept by us for providing the service, maintenance, support, marketing etc...

4.Do I approve ads that advertisers book on my site?
Yes. Ads do commence by default but you have 24 hours to deny the booking if you feel the ad does not fall within your guidelines.

5.How many ads can I have at any time in each Ad Group?
Up to 30 Sponsored Ads can be in rotation, making the Ad Pool of your Ad Group. Your Ad Pool can be configured from 1 to 30 Ads.

They are the common questions that you should know when you join Adtoll and still have a lot of things you will know after you have joined it.

And the payment , Adtoll will send out payments on the 15th of every month for the previous month's earnings(As Google Adsense) and it offers you some kinds of payment receive :Cheque, PayPal, Wire/Bank Transfer or Account Credit , so don't worry about the distance between Adtoll office and your home because it can send a payment to your home by cheque.The minimum payout is 40$ , that is the great number if you feel too tired when you have to wait your account reach to 100$ in Adsense and 50$ in Bidvertiser.,and if you have Paypal account and you want to receive payment by Paypal, you will get paid at 20$,Wire Transfers require a minimum of $1,000 in earnings and payments to your AdToll Account Credit have no minimum.If your earnings do not meet this minimum, the amount will be carried over to your next month's earnings.

So now you have known a little bit about Adtoll, do you want to join it ?
I will lead you how to join Adtoll now:
First of all go to the Adtoll website homepage by clicking here.

Next you will see the form that you have to submit all :

Maybe you have known how to fill them.I don't know your name , address ,tel , your place and your personal info ,please fill it by yourself.
Uhmm nothing to bother huh?
Then click Create an account, you don't have to wait for 2 days like Google Adsense to activate your account , you will be able to access your Adtoll account right then.

After you log in your account , you can option your personal info by going to My Account tab on top.
Next, let's get the ads to put on your site,look at the left side bar, click on the Add new site.

All you have to do is submit all info about your blog and you would like to then click Add site

One new site appears and this place is the very hard to understand for new publishers.Let me explain for you some things here:

Ad format : you can choose any ads format that you like , you can try the Peel Away Ad, it is the newest kind of ad in the world.Do you know Johnchow.com?Yes that's it.Besides , there are many kinds of ads for you to choose.

Name:Pick any name for it , this is just like tracking, in Google Adsense, this is called channel.
Max Ads in Pool: That's the number of advertisers are allowed to put theirs ads on your blog , up to you to choose how many advertisers.
Max Weeks:This is the amount of the weeks that your advertisers can put their ads on your blog within the weeks that you have chosen here.For example , you choose 1 week, then your advertisers ads will disappear when the the 7th days is over, so if the advertisers still want their ads to appear on your site, they have to book again.
Waring:This instruction is from Zenplate.blogspot.com, do not copy this article or you can copy but you have to write the full source.Thank you.

Ad location : About this part , it is very bad, you can't move your ads place to anywhere by moving the widget, you just can put the ads at 1 place,and some words of place are : Top right of each page, Top left of each page...,if you type somethings else, the ads won't appear right place.
Allowable Ad Media: Up to you,but I advise you not to choose flash and video because it may makes your blog slowdown.

Default Ads URL:Default Ads give you the ability to insert your own ads into your Ad Group rotations in place of Run of Network ads. For example we have Publishers using Adsense, AuctionAds and other network ads as their Default Ads. When you set up your Ad Group you provide the URL to your Default Ad (must be a page HTML/PHP). On this page you set up what you want displayed in your Default Ad. Be sure to keep within the dimensions of the Ad Group you are setting it up for.

Autopricing:You can choose "no" or "yes", but you should choose "yes" because incase you don't have any advertisers to book on your site, it will automatically set prize of your site base on Alexa rank.

Offer discounts:If you don't have any advertisers to book on your site, it will discount maximum 15% the prize which you have set.

Finish , now click Proceed and waiting for approval.
And Adtoll has the affiliate program,too.At My Account tab, click on Affiliate Program, it allows you to refer people to join Adtoll by many kinds of banner,links... for you.

I have shown you what Adtoll program is and how to join it , so what are you waiting for?
Join now , if you are advertiser Click here
if you are publisher Click here

Buy this ebook to improve your experience in making money online, the prize is very good for you:

I hope you and your blog will develop strongly and famous one day.If you feel this article useful , please share it to your friends and don't forget to write this article source.Thank you and have a good day


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