Get your blogID , user ID on blogger

BlogID , user ID are the number is not known very much but they are very important in developing and writing new code for blogger.Most bloggers do not notice this,do not know what it is and where can find it.Some pro bloggers have to know this and write new script , widget for their own blog base on these ID.So this tip will help you-new bloggers to find and get them.

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1.Now first , blogID , where is it ?
Log in your blogger.com account > Edit Posts , ok look for the address bar, you will see the blogID with this form :

2.User ID
Log in your blogger.com >Look at your profile on left side bar then click on View Profile and look at the address bar , you will see your userID with this form:

Why you have to know these ID ? Because some script and widgets work base on these ID , for example my newest tip about creating auto "Read more no supporting thumbnails" , you have to get your blogID to use this tip for your blog and the future tips on my blog-Zenplate.
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Christopher said...

Just what I was looking for, thank you :).

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