Who don't follow you on Twitter?

Do you use Twitter ? And do you face with the unfollow situation ? You want to unfollow who don't follow you but there are too much,you don't have time to open each account and click unfollow.So now you don't have to worry about it anymore.Just open 1 of these services and let it automatically unfollow for you.

I will introduce you some great services in this area.They are really useful for you anyway.

1.Friend or follow

Just type your Twitter account, you will see what you want.It will show a full list about the unfollow users, friends, who you are following and still not follow.But it doesn't have the automatic unfollow feature.You have to unfollow one by one in the list.

2.Huitter Mutuality

This is a very good service to unfollow.You have 3 choices to unfollow.It is completely automatic so I like this service very much.

3.Your Twitter Karma

Just like Friend or Follow, it will show a list with the people's situations.I have used it for 1 time, but it will make your computer to be stopped and crashed if the list shows too much people.Unless your computer is very strong.

This tool offers to unfollow twitter users who have not posted any tweets recently. It is very usefull to get rid of these users who don’t use twitter anymore.

This is a good service to follow/unfollow,too.Try it.


This is really simple, but works great. It have all main functions and also works pretty fast.

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