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Name : ZenMidnight
Author/Designer :Zen
URL : Zenplate.Blogspot.Com
Published date : 23/6/2009

1.Premium BLogger Template.
2.Stylish Jquery Menu on top page.
3.Body post with 1000px width. (wide body ).
4.Thumbnail Images under articles.
5.Two lines thumbnails images-no auto (can resize the image) .
6.Dark template with lovely footer image.
7.Auto Readmore.
8.Stylish Comment ( whole ).
9.Four column footer .
10.Test and run good on ALL BROWSERS ( Firefox , IE , Safari, Opera ...).

-59 dollars. (59$)
-Payment is only available on Paypal now.
-If you have any idea about the payment, please contact me.


Anonymous said...

great post

Matt said...

This is truly an incredible template and to think that you did it all yourself. Well done! The design is so eloquent and appealing it gets massive Kudos. Above all, Midnight Zen is professional. I did notice one thing, I think the back and next buttons should be reversed as in I think the next button should be displayed on the right of the back button - but then again that would just be my personal preferance. Again I am nit-picking here on an outstanding template, but I guess it never hurts to give your two-cents.

Take it easy,

pc gamer said...

it is a Premium BLogger Template that you should definately check the demo.

airfare-now.com said...

I usually don't like black backgrounds but this one is an exception - a very cool template. I particularly like the menu bar at the top of the screen and the "READ MORE" graphic.

Inviting the reader to READ MORE is a terrific way to engage the reader and reduce bounce rate at the same time. Good job here!

vuluganck said...

Thank you every body for the advices, but in the near future, I will publish more great templates with the beautiful and amazing effects for the blogger template.That means there will be very much templates will be publish and designed by me.Wordpress has too much beautiful templates.Now its time for blogger!

Khadeer said...

Nice theme, do you have any other premium template? Please share

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