Welcome to my graphic website

It's time to share my new website that I've told you.This is it :

If you are a fan of Still and Motion graphic, be my best visitors and commentators on there.


Mia said...

Your new site & theme is awesome Zen :) I know alot of users who are into Motion Graphics & will turn them on to your new site . You must forgive me for not being so much in touch - I have been very busy during the past year ( learning wordpress code ) and now Im even busier as I am creating the second site . But I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you , because everything I did learn when I first began blogging , I learned from you - and I will never forget how much you helped me :)
I wish you much continued future success in everything you do in life Zen , and I know you will one day be the best in anything you choose to do !

Wishing you the very best in life across the miles Zen .

Mia 

vuluganck said...

its so great to see your words again Mia, ofcourse I never forget you.Im very happy when you told me could help you a lot in web designing even it was a little.

I will be very grateful for your help for my site's traffic if you can help.I know ur very busy these days. I hope 1 day you are the expert in web designing then I would be your student! :)
Best wishes from Zen to you and your family !

NHACF.COM said...

Lâu rùi mới ghé thăm blog của bạn. ^_^
Mời bạn nghe nhạcnhacf.com (2.0) mới cập nhật thêm nhiều bài hát, và sửa lại nhanh hơn, nhacf trang nghe nhạc miễn phí pro.
Chúc blog của bạn có thêm nhiều người ghé thăm và ngày càng hay hơn.. Thân!

Ebook Shelves said...

Your website didn't work for me ! I'm looking forward for your new designs !

vuluganck said...

My website was accessed for months : www.zencreator.net

Teguh Bayu said...

graet template

Ukin Ajah said...


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