Add "Online status for Yahoo Messenger" to blogger

Many websites now have some button to contact the supporters direcly ,it will be great for websites about technology , education , support online for health. It will take you a long time if that websites/blog just have a "Contact" button by...email so you have to wait for hours or several days to receive the answers.

"No I don't have time , I want to know the answer right now, I'm in a hurry....."

Dont worry I will solve your problem now.First look this pic now , this is how it shows on your blog(a little place on your blog):

Nice ? But I have some more greater buttons for you (the button on my blog above looks boring?I know that), look at next pic below:

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Wow they are so nice and beautiful huh? If you like more lovely images just click here.I am sure you are now interesting and ready to add them to your blog.Ok go to blogger.com and log in now!!

Click Layout--->Page Element--->Add a Gadget--->HTML/Java Script and add this code:

<a href="ymsgr:sendIM?YOURID"><img src="http://opi.yahoo.com/online?u=YourID&m=g&t=StyleID" border="0"></a>

Let me explain the red code :
YourID : is your yahoo ID not include @yahoo.com
StyleID: Look at the second pic on this tip, you will see the styleID with the numbers so you just have to choose the image you like and change it by the number.For example change styleID by 1, 2 ,3 ...

Ok click Save and have fun, good luck to you and don't forget to subcribe to see more cool tips.
Thanks much guys!


Dewis Catering said...

Its worked. Great! You may see that result on my blog: http://wisencare.blogspot.com

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