Add "twitter follow" button to blog

If you want to add "twitter follow" to your blog , certainly , you have known what twitter is, and you like twitter that people follow you will easily see what you are doing, what your blog updates every day.As much as followers on twitter , you will get the big amount of traffic.

To do that , you have to invite people as many ways , like xaviermedia, , 4rums,chat ...But this tip will advise you to add twitter button to your blog , this is the most common way to get followers :

Visit followmebutton.com , this is the website provides you the widget , just insert your user name in a blank, you will get the widget and you just have to add it to your blog.That's all. Lets do this now.
Get twitter followers as much as possible.


Mr Lee said...

Enjoy your blog.So kind.Good luck!
We hope that we will have the opportunity to make friends with you.
We invite you to come to our blog. You are welcome any time.


♥♥♥♥♥ Jennifer™® ♥♥♥♥♥ said...

your blog is very good

SugoiNeko said...

I still haven't gotten a Twitter. I'm too scared I'll get addicted >.<

vuluganck said...


I dont understand what you mean? if you dont have a twittwer account , you can sign up with it, nothing to scare

novi said...

very very nice.....

Anonymous said...

Nice post

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