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Twitter-The best service of the world is now becoming to be used by the horrible amount of users, billions of people are using this to gets traffic, to share with their friends, followers the works, habits,...
If you still not know what Twitter is , you are not a webmaster.

If you like Twitter and want to optimize it maximum to get the best amount of followers , you have to do many ways as adding Twitter follower button to each post , using xaviermedia or viralfollowers.
And this is one of the best way to get much followers-Add retweet button to each post.

It is like the follower button , but this is similar to a shout box, when you log in your Twitter account , and visit some blogs then click retweet , it will automatically switch to your account and you will shout to your followers , so the followers will see that shout and you will get traffics from here.

It sounds great ? So to add this button , you have to do some simple steps below, there are 2 kinds of button for you to add : large size and add retweet at the bottom of the post. these buttons are from Tweetmeme, they have been converted from Wordpress code to Blogspot.

1.Add a large size Retweet button
Now log in your blogger account , go to Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML >Expand Widget Templates.

Find the code:
<div class='post-header-line-1'/>

then paste this code below it :

<script type="text/javascript">
tweetmeme_url = '<data:post.url/>';
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://tweetmeme.com/i/scripts/button.js"> </script>

The button will look like this , try to click tweet or retweet.

Save your template now.
2.Add retweet button at the bottom of each post.

Follow the easy step like above click Expand Widget Templates and find this code again in you template source:
Then paste the retweet code above below it then click Save.

Now you have added the retweet button to your post clearly. Please click retweet for me for thanks.
Thank you and have a good day.


Sandy said...

Left you a comment, then it vanished, so will try again. Thanks for explaining this, been wondering when I would see it on blogs.

Do you feel one method is more valuable than another? Top vs bottom of post? Also wondered you've code for 2 sizes tweet and retweet squares, but your blog has the neat blue twitter t?

I think I need clearification on the difference between a tweet and a retweet? I do leave url's with blah blah blah sometimes on my twitter what are you doing now, no glue if people do actually come and visit because of it. But, a retweet? I'm doing that from my blog and they see whats on my blog?

Need more coffee, scratches head. Saves code, will give a try later and see what happens.

Have a great wkend, do swing by for a visit; looking forward to your answers. I do try to learn new things, sometimes with all this techy stuff it just awhile to sink in. lol

vuluganck said...

Yes you are right , thank you for ur comment.
Sometimes , I thought Twitter can brings me lots of traffic if I have a big amount of followers on Twitter, and you too .
This is a simple tip , just send it to anyone you know, spam it , do everything you can do , you will get the result.

Sandy said...

Help please. I looked and looked and looked for the codes on my html area to insert the cut and paste for the tweet; but can't find it anywhere
Can you offer help?

vuluganck said...

Ok dont worry , if you cant find this tag
<div class='post-header-line-1'/>

Please find the line has the words similar to it such as

Try again, some templates do not have the code like I told you

Unknown said...

So when I click the retweet button, it redirects the page to twitter home. How do I get it to put the post link and my twitter username in the tweet?

vuluganck said...

Yes my friend , it will redirect to Twitter , you have to log in your Twitter account first then when you click on tweet button , it will redirect to your Twitter profile and shout the link you want.

Unknown said...

:o) I was logged into twitter. So it's basically just a link to twitter then, it doesn't add in the link to the post? Thanks for your help!

Unknown said...

I was already logged in - it took me to my twitter account. So this just adds a link to twitter then? How do I get it to put information about the post or is that all manual?

vuluganck said...

No your link has been added and it will be made for short links, if you dont believe you can click on that link , it will redirect back to your post.Try it , when you click tweet, your shout box will automatically added 1 line to shout

Unknown said...

I did click the retweet button. When it takes me to twitter, the box is blank...

Unknown said...

Here are links to screenshots...
Retweet button on my site:

Takes me to a blank twitter box:

vuluganck said...

Oh yes , I have tested it again and really a big trouble here!
The second type : "Add a small size Retweet button" was broken, I am so sorry , can you use the 1st code ? Most blogs/websites use only this kind.
Have you tried with the big button ?

Unknown said...

Ok the big button works. Thank you! Now, is there anyway to make sure that my twitter username gets put into each post, or any way to substitute my twitter username for the tweetmeme one? I appreciate all of your patience with me!

vuluganck said...

@Dear Heart Monster
I don't know what you mean but when you have added the retweet code and there is someone clicks on retweet button, it will redirect to their profile and make 1 link in there shout box , then they just have to click "Update". That's all
You and your visitors can retweet your own post even you and your visitors have not signed in to Twitter before, when click retweet it will ask for signing in and shout.

Jeremy Porter said...

Great tips here. It worked flawlessly when I tried it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the tips. It worked perfectly.

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