Make money online with Bidvertiser (Full instruction)

Hello everybody!
Today I publish this article to show you how to earn money from the second famous service in the world about making money online.If you are a publisher, you won't be surprise when you hear about Bidvertiser.

How does it work ? This is the same service as Google Adsense , it means Bidvertiser will allow you to put their ads on your site , and when someone clicks on your ads , you will get the money.
It sounds easy ? Yes , it is easy but not easy to earn much money with Bidvertiser if you do not know how to work with it.

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Ok lets go ! 1st click here to go to Bidvertiser site.

After you click on that link , you will see the website , it looks like this :

Ok , you will see the the "Join free" button for publisher on the right side bar, it has "Sign up" button for Advertiser on this right side bar , too. You are Publisher so click on "Join free".

A new window will appear right then , that is your personal info that you have to fill in.Remember , you have to fill exactly your information , if you do not , you will not be accepted your payment.

You don't know how to submit your information ? I will lead you now!
*The left column

First Name : Your first name (easy to understand!)

Phone : Your phone number (include country code number ), if you don't know, click here to view your country code.

Choose your User Name : You will use this ID to login your Bidvertiser account .

Choose your Password : Hmm?

Preferred payment method : There are 2 ways for you to choose , if you have credit card using Paypal , choose this. If you dont have credit card or use Paypal so you will have to recieve your payment by check, but by this way , your account have at least 50$ to get a payment.

Country : You are living in...

Street Address : Fill exactly your home address.

*The right column
Last Name : Your last name .

Email Address : Your email address.
Confirm Password : Type your password again

Paypal Account (Email) : You Paypal email ( if you already had Paypal account)

State : Choose outside of the US if you are not living in America.

Zip Code : Your country Zip code.

At least , choose 4 blank square then click "Get Activation Code". Now you should take a cup of coffee while you are waiting for its email containing your activation code. Don' close your window, it just takes several minutes to get the code.
Warning:This instruction is from Zenplate.blogspot.com . do not copy this article!
Ok now you have the code so paste it in necessary place. (Copy your activation code from your email and type it here)

Now your account has been activated now!
Visit right now!
When you login , you will see your site place like this:

So much strange to you huh? So much tabs for you.
Can you see 3 blue tabs on top ? 1st tab is for Advertiser so you don't have to care this.
*Publishers Center*

In Publisher tab, when you click on here , you will see 3 other smaller tabs.They are :

ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT: at this tab , there are 3 tabs smaller:

Edit Profile: Edit your profile here.
Change Password:Change your password here.
Payments History:View your payment in the past.

MANAGE BIDVERTISERS:at this tab , there are 4 tabs smaller:

BidVertiser Center:Place for delete,edit ads, view clicks, status of ads...
Add new BidVertiser:Create new Bidvertiser ads.
Templates Design:Design your ads.
Ads Status: Your acception for your advertiser ads on your site ( allow or not allow = filter).

REPORTS: this tab , there are 5 tabs smaller , but maybe I dont need to say about this part:

BidVertiser Summary
BidVertiser Details
Category Summary
Daily Summary

I think you are wondering how to create ads , this is not easy as Google Adsense.So you have to follow clearly this instruction about this part.
- At Publishers Center , choose Add New Bidvertiser
-Choose Add new BidVertiser under a new domain , then type your personal website/blog information
-Click Finish.

Ok now your ads code are already to use , Choose the name that you have just created then click Choose Template, a new chart will appear containing ads appearance, you can option them by clicking Customize Colors.After you choose your ad , click Update.
After you click Update , choose that template that you have just customized and click Update button at the end of the page again.

At this step , you have chosen your ads template so now you just have to choose Get Add Code.Now it is easy for you , copy that code and paste it in your blog source or paste it in HTML/Java Script if you use blogspot.

Ah ! There is 1 thing important , Do you see the Preferences button ? It is set next to Get Ad Code button.What is it used for ? If you know what it is used for , you will know Ads status tab is used for what.

Look at this pic , that is the result after you click on
Preferences button.

I think you will understand almost here , but there still 1 line that maybe you dont understand, that is "Manually approve new ads?"
That means the ads before appearing on your blog , it will be moved to "spending" and waiting for your approve. ( Ad code has been added to your site)

If you don't want some ads to appear on your blog, but you have approved them before , so now you want to decline them , go to Ads Status, choose Filter (Pending, Approved, Declined) and check your ads again.

*Referral program*

This is a great program of Bidvertiser , if you don't understand this , I will tell you clearly now.
Referral is an introduction of you to your friends, your visitors to join Bidvertiser. If they earn money and get payment from your referral , you will get money share from them , too.

There are 2 kinds of referral for you to choose :
Refer Advertisers
Refer Publishers
and some referral codes for you to put on your blog to invite people to join.
+You will get 20$ when an Advertiser registers and get 100$ payment in the 1st time.
+You will get 20$ when a Publisher registers and earn 100$ in the 1st time.

So , to present me because I have spent lots of time to make this instruction for you , please join Bidvertiser by my referral code at the top of article.Thanks much.

Notice !
-When you decide to join Bidvertiser , you have to follow these terms of service:
-Do not encourage people to click on your ads.
-Do not click on your ads by yourself .
-Do not put ads on adult , gamble, violence... site.

Here are some common questions about Bidertiser , you can view here.
Here is the term of Bidvertiser ,view here

According to me , Bidvertiser is not crazy as Google Adsense, if you work with GA , you will be blocked at any time it wants and its terms are very crazy, you don't have any chance ! So lots of publishers have been blocked with no reasons.But working with Bidvertiser, you dont have to bother much if you do right with it.Remember that!

All right I have told you every thing about how to register and work with Bidvertiser.
Now you can earn money with this, I hope you will be successfull in making money online and earn much money.

Thanks for your reading and dont forget to subscribe me to get more great tips and instructions.


Anonymous said...

Very good concept about earn money online.

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Anonymous said...

I like your site too and when I have a bit more time I will try this one. Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Nishadha said...

Bidvertiser is a good service but the lack of advertisers make it a hard place to find suitable ads. Bidvertiser works well in some niches but for some its pretty hard to find a decent paying advertiser. So check out the advertising before adding bidvertiser to your blog.

vuluganck said...

Thanks for your info, so do you know which other monetise service good,too except Adsense?

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