10 common problems to make your visitors away

Do you want your visitors to stay in your website for a while and read your posts? I bet you are. That is why you should know these this 10 mistakes that drives your visitors away in less than two minutes. Avoid them and your visitors will enjoy their stay and come back again in future.

1. Using large or too many graphics: loads slow

Large and lots of graphics cost bandwidth and make your site slow to load. If the load time is beyond your visitors' limit of acceptance, they will get impatience obviously. Thus resulting in their leaving at once, and that is not something you want.

If a larger image is needed to describe your content, provide a link like "click here to view in larger size". Therefore, the slow loading only occur when your visitor wish to see the larger image. For your post use only optimized, web ready photos and pictures.

2. Using elements that blink, bounce, or scroll: distracting

Unless your website or blog is for kids, it is a bad idea to have these elements. They will distract your visitors from your message, reducing your communication effectiveness. Whatever you do, always limit or remove distracting elements from your site, less is more.

3. Using bad formatting styles / template

Very simple: if your site is not friendly on the eyes, visitors will feel uncomfortable. It will drive them away fast, especially when the formats break into each other. Therefore decide your format / template early and stick with it.So if you are using blogspot , click here to choose a template for your own now, if you are using wordpress or website, please try your best to find a good template for visitor sight.

4. Using poor background color or image: text hard to read

Poor background color or image will make your text hard to read, and it is certainly annoying for your visitors. They will leave in half a minute. Improve your site's readability, to make your visitors comfortable to stay. Light background is good with dark texts, and vice verse.

6. Writing too long posts: boring

No one likes someone who talks too much, and it also applies in blogging. Most internet surfer are modern type of people, and in this modern day, people have lots of things to do. Therefore, if you think people will have the time to read long babbling posts, you are wrong. Always make your articles comprehensive and don't extend them over and over.

7. Using poor opening on the posts: negative first impression

Some people tend to open their post lamely, and that is totally bad for visitors. For example, if you are going to write a post about computer technology, don't open it by telling what activity you did yesterday first. Some bloggers really do this in their long posts, and their annoyed visitors will just say "What the f*&% ?!" and leave at once. Don't do it, unless you are someone really-really famous.

8. Using too many sound effects or music: irritating

Have you ever visited a website or blog that plays music automatically without your agreement? What do you feel? 9 of 10 people will get annoyed and quickly close the tab or window to silence it. If you have a plan to add sound effect or music to your site, don't do it, just don't.

9. Putting excessive advertising

Few ads will make your website looks more professional, but putting too many of them will distract your visitors from your content. It also has a big chance to irritate your visitors and drive them away quickly.

10. Putting a registration page

It will not make the visitors register, it will drive them away instantly. Time on site and bounce rate will show it, if you use some traffic analytics. Avoid at all costs.

First impressions are important on the blogosphere. Follow the simple blogging techniques above and stop turning your visitors away in less than two minutes. Use your first few seconds to impress your visitors and deliver your powerful message effectively.

I hope these info can help you to improve your site.
I don't know where these info come from , but anyway thank you for this.


none said...

Thanky so much for the info ! Thanks a lot ! This is a big true and nothing by the truth ! lol So far i think,not sure, lol didnt break thouse,let's say rules :) but i'm not sure about the color of the posts :) Thanks again, this was great info ! I love it ! Keep up the amazing job!

none said...

Thanks for your comment,back :) And yes,sure i'm gonna always come back on your site/blog cause like i said before is very,very,very helpful and i love your work ! I'm also going to tell people i know about your blog! :)

p.s well,you are right,you do have to call me older sister LOL :) i'm 9 years older then you little brother :) :)
Take care Zen !

Darmawan said...

Great tips! This post is really useful
I'll consider all of them

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